Air-Pots 1L,3L,9L,12.5L,20L,30L


Air-Pots 1L,3L,9L,12.5L,20L,30L from Doctor Blooms.

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Air Pots Superoots Air Pot, a reusable and recyclable plastic container made of recycled plastic, actively improves the quality of root systems. Air Pot-grown plants can develop remarkable radial root systems that cannot be replicated in any other container. Air Pot’s can be used in soil or hydro-growing medium to expand your gardening experience. The Air Pot is made from recycled HDPE and is circular in form with a perforated sidewall that is texture like an egg carton. The Pot has no flat surfaces that prevent roots from circling. Instead, they deflect roots and begin the spiralling process. The outward-pointing cones point the roots towards the hole. If the soil density is too high, the roots will grow in an inward-pointing direction. Air pruning causes the plant to respond by sending out more roots to make up for the lost, which results in the formation of dense and fibrous radial roots systems within a short period of time. You can reap all these benefits by simply changing the pots in which you grow your plants. The air pot is great and you’ll be amazed at the results. What are AIR POTS? The Air-Pots are strong and made from 100% recycled plastic. This innovative design directs the roots towards the holes. All roots reaching these holes are “air-pruned”. What is AIR PRUNING? Air pruning is a natural process that occurs when roots of a plant are exposed to dry air. This can be done outside the container or growing medium it is in. Air pruning is when roots naturally dry out and fall off. Air pruning allows for more roots to grow further back than the main root. These tips are more able to absorb nutrients than the roots. Air pruning increases the number of new, hair-like lateral roots which increase the plant’s ability to access nutrients. This allows you to grow stronger plants in a shorter time. Air pruning reduces the amount of roots that grow around the sides and edges of the pot. This allows your plants to take up more space within the pot. More fruits = more roots A better root system means that your plant has easier access to nutrients and water, which leads to stronger, faster growth. AIR-POT – SEED The Air Pot container’s unique design transforms the quality and growth of your plants from the moment they germinate. Because of the pot’s ability to drain freely and its air pruning capabilities, seedlings can grow strong roots all over the pot. Plants are on the right track to success when they start with this kind of foundation. CAN I MOVE AIR POTS IN WITH PLANTS? Airpots are strong and rigid, so they can be moved around without affecting the root zone. These Pots are durable and can last for more than 10 years due to their sturdy construction. What Potting Mediums Can I Use with AIR – POTS Air Pot technology does not have to be limited to soil, coco Coir, or clay pebbles. The Pots can be used with both hydroponic and potting media. AirPots are the new horticultural revolution. AirPots have been used to grow many species of trees and plants in long-standing conservation and research projects like the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew (Kew Gardens). HOW DO I BUILD AIR POTS AND USE THEM? The Pots are easy to construct and use. They come flat packed and are very simple to build. Lay everything on a flat surface to build your Air Pot. 1. Place the perforated black wrap at the opposite end of the base you plan to place the coloured base. 2. The black perforated plastic should be wrapped around the coloured base. 3. Use the provided coloured screws to fix the wrap in place. 4. You can fill the pot with the potting medium of your choice. 5. Once you are done with the pots, it is easy to disassemble them for storage. 1L,3L,9L,12.5L,20L,30L Sizes available.

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