DIMLUX OptiClimate plant temperature camera


DIMLUX OptiClimate plant temperature camera from Doctor Blooms.

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THE DIMLUX OPTICLIMATE PLANT TEMPERATURE CAMERA The OptiClimate plant temperature camera can be connected to the system to keep an eye on the evaporation of the crops. A too high plant temperature is a sign that the plant is possibly evaporating, for example when there is not enough water or an overdose of light.In this situation, the DimLuxes are dimmed or turned off to bring the plant temperature back to an acceptable level. If this does not happen, the plant will continue to limit its evaporation with closed stomata, which causes the inflow of CO2 and photosynthesis to come to a halt.Any production by the plant is then out of the question. If this takes too long, combustion of the leaves will occur which causes irreversible damage to the plant’s motor (leaves).The plant temperature is more important to the plant than the room temperature!

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