Orchid Focus Repotting Mix


Orchid Focus Repotting Mix from Doctor Blooms.

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Orchid Focus Repotting Mix This repotting mixture has been formulated speficially to ensure orchid growth. This medium contains a mixture of fibre chips and bark. This means that there is a perfect balance between moisture and aeration.  This mixture does NOT contain any peat. Orchid Focus peat feed repotting mix is made from specially graded bark. This ensures orchids have the right amount of moisture and air. Repotting orchids requires only bark. An orchid will die if it is repotted in soil, peat or small-sized bark. This can cause too much water retention and drown the roots. Select, graded bark Peat-free You can use the bag straight out of the bag Every 12-18 months, orchids should be repotted to replace their bark. The bark can degrade over time and cause the plant to hold too much water. Repottering will revive the orchid, encourage strong growth and reflowering. We recommend Orchid Focus as a high-quality plant food for long-lasting results. You can choose between 3 and 8 litres. 

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