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Chocolate Biscuits from Prezzybox.

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The quintessential British snack – but with our signature Choc on Choc twist! This beautifully detailed collection of seven solid chocolate biscuits features all your old tea-break favourites: the buttery Custard Cream, the decadent Bourbon, the fun Party Ring, the gooey Jammie Dodger, the timeless chocolate Digestive, and – just for that nostalgia hit – two of the good old Pink Wafers. Handmade from the finest Belgian milk and white chocolate, these best-selling biscuits are perfect for practically any occasion, be it a special coffee morning, a glamorous dinner party, or simply as a gift that everyone will love. Handmade from Belgian milk & white chocolate Coloured with natural carmine Shelf life 1 year (if you can resist)

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