Carboair 100 Carbon Filters


Carboair 100 Carbon Filters from Doctor Blooms.

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Carboair 100 Carboair 100 has been developed to filter cry high concentrations of VOCs from larger brow rooms. CarboAir 100 has a huge 100mm bed of virgin activated carbon and a 1 metre body. This, coupled to our industry. These filters are monsters, signed for the most demanding environments. If you need do clean very large volumes of air or large amounts of unwanted smells, this is the filter for you.  Max Air Flow Tares for CarboAir 100: 8″ 200mm/660mm CarboAir – 2550 m3/hr 10″ 250mm/660mm CarboAir – 3800 m3/hr 10″ 250mm/1000mm CarboAir – 5800 m3/hr 12″ 315mm/660mm CarboAir – 2450 m3/hr 12″ 315mm/1000mm CarboAir – 3600 m3/hr

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