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Evolution Co2 Complete Kit – Digital co2 release kit This complete CO2 controller and regulation system is one of the best on the market; it consists of the Evolution carbon dioxide controller, the Evolution N.D.I.R. CO2 controller with an Ecotechnics CO2 Regulator. The new Evolution Controller is one of the most advanced of its kind and has lots of features and functionality. The controller utilises the latest microprocessor and infrared technology to monitor and control the levels of carbon dioxide in your growing area. The controller can operate with or without the CO2 sensor and can be used either with bottled CO2 gas or with a gas burning CO2 generator. In addition to this the controller can be interfaced to most external thermo/hygrostats for improved environmental control for rooms from 1 m3 to 999m3. This kit includes the Evolution N.D.I.R. CO2 Sensor witch uses non- dispersive infrared sensing technology for fast accurate CO2 monitoring. This sensor is highly accurate and also highly affordable being less than half the price of similar products on the market. To complete the kit we have the Ecotechnics regulator which is manufactured in the UK from top quality components. It has a fixed flow rate of 0.17ltrs per min and is Ecotechnics standard horticultural regulator.Carbon Dioxide is one of the most important factors in an indoor growroom or glass house. Photosynthesis is the term used to describe the process by which plants combine CO 2 molecules with water molecules to form complex sugars, there is a resultant spare oxygen atom which is released back into the air, the sugars being further processed by the plant to form natural polymers for growth. The ambient level of CO 2 in air is 300-400ppm, fast growing plants in your growroom or glasshouse can use all the available CO 2 in less than an hour slowing photosynthesis and therefore growth to a virtual halt. The Evolution Co2 Controller comes in two parts:Evolution Digital Carbon Dioxide ControllerThis Controller is the most advanced of it’s kind and has more features and functionality than any other product on the market. It can be used either with or with out the Evolution Carbon Dioxide Sensor and can be interfaced to an external thermo/hygro stat providing a cheap entry level system with an easy & affordable upgrade path in the future. The Evolution NDIR CO2 SensorThe Evolution CO2 Sensor utilizes non dispersive Infra-Red sensing technology for fast accurate CO2 monitoring. Combined with exquisite design and ground breaking low price the sensor is highly accurate and less than half the price of similar products on the market and making available the ultimate control system to the average grower.

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