Family Entry to ZSL London Zoo


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Treat your loved ones to a day out that guarantees fun for the whole family. ZSL London Zoo offers a fantastic mix of entertainment, education and inspiration for visitors of all ages, embodied by the breath-taking new exhibit Land of the Lions, an awesome interactive adventure and conservation project that allows big cat lovers to get closer than ever before to these majestic beasts with an exploration of an Indian high-street, train station and crumbling lion temple. In addition to housing one of the largest collections of species in the United Kingdom, the Zoo is all about getting up close and personal with the animals, from the amazing BUGS exhibit, where you’ll find Europe’s only walk-through spider enclosure, to the lemur sanctuary where you can journey through the Madagascan forest to find these amazing creates leaping, climbing and lounging around you. For a fun-filled day out that you’ll all enjoy, look no further!

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