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BioTabs Bactrex Bactrex can be used to protect recently rooted cuttings or germinated seeds, against pathogens including pythium. Use one level teaspoon per litre water. One litre will treat 50 cuttings or seedlings. Bactrex has beneficial soil bacteria for the root system.   Contains Trichoderma genus mold. Provides protection against root pathogens . Converts organic matter into nutrients. Certified 100% Organic.  BACTREX can be used in the BioTabs organic growing method’. Please refer to the BioTabs Organic Growing manual for detailed information and tips on how to get maximum benefit from BioTabs Bactrex products. This organic soil enhancer can be used for coco or soil, indoor or outdoor gardening, or container planting. BACTREX BIOTabs are a powder that is water-soluble and dry. It contains a variety of soil microbes, including 6 Bacillus strains. Trichoderma fungal fungi, and actinomycetes. They are chosen for their beneficial effect on fertility and soil structure. To ensure rapid colonization and growth, these specialized root bacteria are contained in Yucca extract with organic catalysts. BACTREX BioTabs contains beneficial soil bacteria, soil microbes and various strains of Trichoderma. Trichoderma’s is a fungi species that can be harmful to some other fungi. Trichoderma’s are a harmful species of fungi that should be applied to organic soil immediately after planting or sowing. BioTabs BioTabs contains eight soil bacteria and Trichoderma Genus Mold, as well as Humic Acid and soil microbes. BioTabs BACTREX, a living product that is dissolved in water must be used within six hours. Don’t overuse.

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