100 Red Roses, Cristal, iPad Air 2 & Tesla P85D – flowers


Flowers from Arena Flowers

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These beautiful roses are of epic proportions in both length and diameter. Measuring a sensational 150cm in length with large flower heads, these glorious South American roses certainly stand out and make a dazzling display. This lovely bouquet of 100 red roses, hand-tied by our most experienced florists, is simply perfect to add a touch of style and glamour to an event or is sure to enchant and thrill as a wonderful gift. As if that were not enough along with these exquisite roses you will also receive, a bottle of the much sought after Cristal champagne to enjoy together and an iPad Air so you will always remain connected. Oh and arguably the most decadent part of this gift you will receive a Model P85D Telsa,with the following “fun” features: P85D PerformanceAll-Wheel Drive Range 305 Miles (NEDC rated)90 kWh upgrade adds 6% Acceleration 2.8 seconds 0-60 mph (Ludicrous)3.1 seconds 0-60mph Torque 713 lb-ft Top Speed 155 mph Motor Power 503 hp rear, 259 hp front 532 hp (Ludicrous)*463 hp* * Battery limited maximum motor shaft power Please note: We do not actually sell P85Ds, nor would we be allowed to if we wanted to! This is just a bit of fun. If you wish to purchase a Tesla please visit www.teslamotors.com.


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