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Finalist for 2019 B&LLA Licensing Awards and Winner of the Cultural Enterprise Award 2020. Being one of the most famous and intriguing paintings in the world of a richly dressed man and woman stand in a private room. It’s believed to be an italian merhant working in Bruges and his wife. It’s almost as though Jan van Eyck had removed key items in the room as the chandelier is too large for the room and there’s no sign of a fireplace. It’s believed that the items in this painting is representing the couple’s wealth and social status. In this painting there’s many bold and rich colours which allowed our florists to get creative with the blooms for this arrangement. We have included Naomi Red Roses, Burgendy Carnations, Blue Veronica, Blue Eustoma, Green Chrysanthemum, Gold Erymgium, Cinerea Eucalyptus, Copper Ruscus and Pistache.

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