Rousseau’s Tropical Storm


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Finalist for 2019 B&LLA Licensing Awards and Winner of the Cultural Enterprise Award 2020. In this masterpiece you will find alot of tall jungle grass however, our florists have chosen blooms that best represent the colours, textures and impressive painting skills to create a stunning and bold hatbox arrangement that takes on the Surprised! Painting by Henri Rousseau. In this painting you will find a tiger that’s crouched low in thick jungle foliage, it’s unsure why the tiger is looking vicious, it’s thought it’s stalking a prey or maybe cowering from the flash of lightening. Surprised! Was the first of 20 ‘jungle’ paintings that Rousseau created. In this bouquet you find an exotic pairing of Green Cymbidium Orchids, Safari Sunset Foliage, Succulent, Green Dracena, Orion Blue Aryngium, Orange Leucaspermum, Bear Grass, Brown Hypericum, Green Chrysanthemum, Naranja Roses and Black Ruscus.

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