Australian Bodycare Intimate Care 3 Shaving Products Against Red Spots After Intimate Shaving


Australian Bodycare Intimate Care 3 Shaving Products Against Red Spots After Intimate Shaving from Fragrancedirect.

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3 intimate shaving products with Tea Tree Oil to prevent shaving rash and ingrown hairs. The kit consists of intimate soap, intimate shave gel and intimate aftershave balm. For both men and women. Set Includes: – Australian Bodycare Intim Wash Before Shaving 200ml – Australian Bodycare Intim Shave Shaving Gel 100ml – Australian Bodycare Intim Balm After Shaving 100ml The intimate shaving kit contains Intim Wash, Intim Shave and Intim Balm with Tea Tree Oil. The oil is known for effectively counteracting bacteria and helps to ensure an intimate shave free from shaving rash and ingrown hairs. Intim Wash contains the antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, lactic acid esters and Kakadu plum, all of which protect the skin from irritation after intimate shaving. Intim Shave is a clear shaving gel that protects the skin during shaving as it prevents bacteria from penetrating the exposed skin. Intim Balm acts as a nourishing aftershave lotion that soothes and nourishes the skin after intimate shaving. The cream prevents red shaving spots, razor rash and ingrown hairs. The shaving products can be used by both men and women for a smooth intimate shave. To use: First, wash the intimate area thoroughly with Intim Wash to prepare the skin for shaving and to make sure that all bacteria are removed. Then apply the clear Intim Shave gel and allow it to work on the hair and skin for approx. 1 min. Use a clean and sharp razor to remove the hair. Rinse off any excess product and hair residue when you are done. Finish your shower and gently dap your intimate area dry with a towel. Intim Balm works as an aftershave lotion and is applied to the shaved area to minimise red bumps, shaving rash and itching after hair removal. Intim Balm should not be rinsed off. All products from Australian Bodycare are 100% Vegan (with the exception of Rescue Cream and Barrier Cream as they contain beeswax) – naturally inspired and never tested on animals. All have been dermatologically tested by experts.

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