Christmas Chocolate Pizza – 7″


Christmas Chocolate Pizza – 7″ from Prezzybox.

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You can’t beat sitting in front of the TV on a Friday night, watching your fave programme, safe in the knowledge that you’ve finished the working week with a scrummy pizza. Problem is that once you’ve OD’d on carbs, you obviously need something sweet and yummy to complete your “fix”. Normally you head to the fridge for a choccy bar, but this then throws up the age old dilemma – you’re always too stuffed from your margarita/meast feat extravaganza to fully enjoy the chocolatey delight. Problemo! Thankfully we now have a solution, allowing you to combine both aspects of culinary goodness – main course and pudding all rolled into one. Ladies and gentlemen (but particularly ladies) *we introduce to you… the Chocolate Pizza. * Crafted from the highest quality *Belgian Chocolate, the Chocolate pizza is a mouth watering indulgence for the chocoholic who, bored of traditional chocolate bars, likes something a little different. * Delivered in a realistic take away box, the Chocolate Pizza is available in 7″ and 10″ versions and like the traditional pizza is cut into 8 slices – perfect for sharing. The Christmas pizza is a Belgian milk chocolate base, with festive coloured rainbow drops, handmade white Belgium chocolate christmas trees with a sprinkle of edible glitter and a Santa Happy Christmas plaque in the centre..

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