ALIEN RAIN (4 to 48 Pot) 15L PRO Silver Series


ALIEN RAIN (4 to 48 Pot) 15L PRO Silver Series from Doctor Blooms.

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Alien RAIN 4 to 48 pot 15l silver pro series 2.0 replicates rain and feeds plants. The system sprays down nutrients into your media. The air and nutrients are delivered to the plants, flushing away salts. This helps keep salt buildup at bay. Alien RAIN System lids are cleverly designed to keep the light from reaching your medium, preventing algae problems. Each pot is made from Heat-Reflective Silver polymer and has drainage bases. Copper drain covers are included for every one to prevent roots growing in pipes. The Alien RAIN Pot 15L Silver Pro Series optimises your maximum potential for growth. It uses the SPX-Flow(r), RAIN(tm), Brain’ and RAIN(tm] pumps to provide a nutrient solution directly to the medium. This will increase nutrient uptake, and improve root health. Plant vegetative time will be shorter and yield a better harvest. NOTE: CAMO TANK AND AIR PUMP NOT INCLUDED & NEED TO BE ORDERED SEPERATELY There are many advantages to using the Alien RAIN Silver Pro Series: Each feed mimics the rain Constructed from heat-reflective polymer of silver Equal distribution of nutrients to the plant surface Top surface alga eliminated Let dry medium-to-well Removing any residual salts Any growing medium supported Utilizes water and nutrients efficiently Operation very quiet Higher Yield Potential Pots of 15 Liters are ideal for increasing root space Lower number of plants means higher productivity Steady growth Efficiency increases Quality RAIN(tm), Brain’, SPX-Flow (r) pumps and RAIN(tm). Large volumes of nutrients solution mean stable pH, TDS/EC/TDS and fewer changeouts Plants’ nutrient uptake capabilities are enhanced by constant circulation and high levels of oxygen. Key Benefits Mimics rain Heat-Reflective silver polymer Even delivery of nutrient solution Flushes residual salts away Supports any growing medium Uses water and nutrients efficiently Eliminates top surface algae Allows medium to dry evenly Quiet operation Key Features Integrated filtration RAIN(TM) Brain RAIN(TM) pump SPX-Flow pump Drainage bases Copper drain covers Recirculate or RTW Dual-Flow(TM)? fittings 50mm silver pipe

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