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Autopot FlexiPot-Module from Doctor Blooms.

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Autopot FlexiPot Module  AutoPot FlexiPot Systems combines the best of both our modular, power-free and water efficient systems with fabric pots. FlexiPots offer a great alternative to plastic pots because they encourage plant growth through training root structures rather than simply containing them. Root tips that reach the flexible side of FlexiPot are called ‘air-pruned’. They are stopped from growing further outside by the atmosphere. The secondary roots develop and create a fibrous root structure that is much more nutrient- and moisture-efficient. This eliminates root circling, making it possible for larger plants to be grown from smaller pots. FlexiPot’s porous BPA-free and lead-free FlexiPot allows for improved gas exchange within the substrate. The root zone, which is free to breath, can experience dramatically increased oxygen levels, which in turn will supercharge growth. The FlexiPot XL system includes everything you need for setting up an automatic watering system using fabric pots. FlexiPot XL’s compact dimensions and portability mean that shipping costs can be reduced by up to 50% and it is easier for growers and stores alike. The FlexiPot System can easily be extended to allow multiple pots to be connected to one reservoir. You can move the pots and tray at your will. If plants get too big, you can easily space them further apart. This gravity-fed, versatile system runs automatically once it is set up with water and nutrients. This system will take care of your entire plant needs, without any need to use pumps or timers. To provide root control, it’s essential to fit a PotSock round (PotSock Included) to each FlexiPot base when growing in the AutoPot Watering Systems. Due to the porous, exposed surface of FlexiPots’ fabric pots, the room humidity can be higher when multiple FlexiPots are used indoors. 1x XL tray & lid 1x 20 L FlexiPot 1x 9mm tee connector 1x 16-9mm tee connector 1x 16-9mm cross connector 1x AQUAvalve5 1x 1 metre length of 9mm pipe 1x FlexiPot PotSock

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