Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler DWC System Kit


Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler DWC System Kit from Doctor Blooms.

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Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler DWC System Kit The new Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler DWC system Kit has been designed with tank volume being the most important aspect of the system. Unlike other DWC systems on the market our flagship system enables gardeners to be confident in less top ups needed for the system to work to its full potential.Many issues including Pythium can occur when using smaller volume tanks due to temperatures in the greenhouse but by using a volume of 100L we have helped reduce the chance of this happening.With a perfect dimension of 45cm x 45cm x 45cm this gives growers an active solution volume of 100L deep water culture.The system is completely unique in the way that the full product arrives completely flat packed and boxed up for easy shipping. 

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