GHE AquaFarm Grow System


GHE AquaFarm Grow System from Doctor Blooms.

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The AquaFarm is a hugely popular all-in-one hydroponic unit used by new and experienced growers alike! The AquaFarm has a large planter for a huge root-system allowing plants to grow large. As one of the most popular hydro systems on the market, you can’t go wrong with an AquaFarm! Manufactured by GHE – one of the original hydroponics systems manufacturers Based on the WaterFarm – a favourite of growers for over 30 years Air Pump driven dripper system – infuses vast amounts of oxygen into the nutrient solution Easy to use Encourages very fast plant growth Utilises clay pebbles  Includes reservoir indicator – see how much nutrient solution is in the reservoir at a glance Clay Pebbles not included

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