Gold Label 60/40 Clay / Coco Mix 50L


Gold Label 60/40 Clay / Coco Mix 50L from Doctor Blooms.

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Gold Label 60/40 Clay / Coco Mix The ultimate Ebb & Flood mix! 60/40 is an exclusive mix that offers the free draining capabilities of clay, with the moisture retention and rapid rooting properties of coco. The combination of Gold Label 8-16mm clay pebbles and coco substrate provide a free draining, stable rooting structure that is pH buffered and has a very low EC, offering maximum control over nutrient content. This mix is RHP certified, rest assured it is of the highest quality Free draining root zone, plenty of oxygen to the roots and no nutrient build up Less risk of pests and disease pH buffered Easy to control pH Low nutrient content, growers have maximum control over nutrient content This item may contain extra shipping charges. Please contact the shop for an estimated quote. 

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