Biolage Advanced FiberStrong Deep Pack Treatment 100ml


Biolage Advanced FiberStrong Deep Pack Treatment 100ml from Fragrancedirect.

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Discover Biolage Advanced Deep Treatment FiberStrong Multi Use Hair Mask for instant gratification and total hair transformation. Formulated with Bamboo Extract, which is known for its resilience, the FiberStrong Deep Treatment Hair Mask repairs the natural sheen of mechanically damaged, fragile, over-processed hair. This powerful pack also fills gaps in the cuticle and enhances fibre integrity. Instantly, hair is stronger with up to 70% less breakage. Key Benefits: – Up to 70% less hair breakage – Improved hair strength and elasticity – Instantly moisturises and improves shine – Leaves hair feeling silky and supple – Improved hair manageability – Paraben-free, Small but mighty, each pack contains at least four applications. Easy to squeeze, these packs are 77% lighter than a container of the same size and perfectly sealed for a fresh application each time. To use: Apply to wet hair and leave in 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For extreme damage, place under heat for 3-15 minutes. We recommend that you use the Biolage Advanced FiberStrong Deep Treatment after cleansing with Biolage Advanced FiberStrong Shampoo to target hair that may be fragile and prone to breakage. Use once weekly in place of Biolage FiberStrong Conditioner. Recommended for mechanically damaged, fragile, over-processed hair. Biolage use plastic containers that are up to 100% recycled and recyclable, thus helping to combat the global plastic crisis that we are all facing. Biolage are neutral in CO2 emissions in their factory and in their corporate headquarters.

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