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Better Than Half Price* Spend quality time with the whole family and have a ‘Chocolate Feast’ together. Cuddle up around the fire and open this delightful collection to enjoy some of our most popular sweet and chocolate treats. There’s a wide range of milk, dark and white chocolate as well as smooth fudge, sticky toffee and fruit flavoured truffles in easy-to-share bags and boxes. Contains: • Continental Milk, White & Dark Signature (300g) • Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (150g) • Original Special Toffee Box (525g) • Classics Milk Signature (276g) • Premium Collection (200g) • Classics Fruits Collection (143g) • Classics Toffee, Fudge & Caramel Collection (142g) • Original Toffi Chocs Bag (275g) • Continental Chocolat Riche Bag (93g) • Classics Milk Strawberry Bag (114g) • Classics Milk Caramel Bag (103g) • Classics Turkish Delight Bag (101g) • Continental Vanille Truffle Bag (103g) • Vanilla Fudge Bag (140g) * Items worth more than £60 when bought separately PLEASE NOTE: This collection does not include a hamper box


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