Family Night In Gift Bundle


Hampers from Thorntons

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Items worth more than £50 when sold separately Spend quality time with the whole family with our Family Night In Sharing Collection. Cuddle up around the fire together and open this delightful box to enjoy some of our most popular sweet and chocolate treats. There’s a wide range of milk, dark and white chocolate as well as smooth fudge, sticky toffee and fruit flavoured truffles in easy-to-share bags. Contains: • Original Special Toffee Box (525g) • Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (150g) • Classics Milk Bag (94g) • Original Special Toffee Bag (160g) • Classics Milk Caramel Bag (103g) x2 • Classics Turkish Delight Bag (101g) • Moments (250g) • Classics Milk, White, Dark (587g) • Vanilla Fudge Gift Box (350g) • Classics Milk Orange Bag (105g) • Classics Milk Strawberry Bag (114g) PLEASE NOTE: This collection does not include a hamper box


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