Scottish Fine Soaps Gardener’s Hand Therapy Gift Set


A comprehensive hand care set for gardeners, featuring essential products to cleanse, protect, and moisturise your hands.

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Treat yourself or a loved one with the Scottish Fine Soaps Gardener’s Hand Therapy Gift Set, designed to provide everything needed for hand protection and care. This elegant gift set includes a soothing Hand Wash, nourishing Hand Cream, protective Barrier Cream, and an exfoliating luxury soap, all infused with a refreshing unisex fragrance. Each product features purifying tea tree oil renowned for its cleansing and healing properties. The Gardener’s Hand Wash gently cleanses even the dirtiest hands, while the Barrier Cream acts as a protective shield against dirt and impurities. To restore moisture, the Hand Cream delivers intensive care, ensuring that hands feel smooth and revitalised. Finally, the Exfoliating Soap scrubs away garden grime, leaving skin delicately fresh. Perfect for those who love spending time in nature or working in their gardens.

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