Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled Radiator


Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled Radiator from Doctor Blooms.

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Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled Radiator Compact and powerful radiator to take the chill from any room, these Oil rads are cheaper to run than fan heaters and they are much more friendly to the plants if you place in the grow room.  Temperature changes can be very dangerous for plants. It is crucial to maintain a temperature range of 24-26° in your nursery to ensure that your plants are healthy, happy and produce good yields. The 1000w Lighthouse Oil Filled Radiator helps to keep your plants in the best possible condition when they are in the dark phase. It is particularly useful in winter when temperatures drop dramatically. Small heaters are essential for a grow area. The 1000w Lighthouse oil-filled Radiator: How it Works Lighthouse Oil Filled Radiator 1000W is filled with oil. It is heated inside. Radiator fins distribute heat evenly throughout the radiator, and in your growing room. You can set the thermostat to either “Low” (or “High”), enabling you to adjust heat according to your needs. How to use the 1000w Lighthouse oil Filled Radiator Attaching the 1000w Lighthouse oil-filled Radiator to an outside temperature gauge is a good idea. This will allow it to continue to operate at the optimal temperature. It can be used with a timer. A 1000w Lighthouse Oil Filled Radiator can heat an area of 2mx2m evenly. On/Off switch Thermostat 9 Oil filled fins Also available in 2000W

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