HR-15 Humidifier & Analog Humidistat


HR-15 Humidifier & Analog Humidistat from Doctor Blooms.

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HR-15 Humidifier & Analog Humidistat This HR-15 Humidifier comes with analog humidistat where you can set your desired humidity levels you wish to reach. Why Is Humidity Important?Leaves lose water through evaporation through their stomata which are small openings in special cells on the leaf surface where gaseous exchange takes place. If the relative humidity is too low, a plant will start to give up some of its water into the surrounding air which will result in the plant drying out and wilting. The HR-15 Humidifier is easy to install. Connect direct to water supply or to water tank. It has a carry handle for easy mobility. With a wide range of applications such as greenhouses, propagation rooms, storage rooms plus mushrooms and orchid cultivation. No plant can live without water, indeed most plants are composed mostly out of water and the health of a plant will depend directly on the relative humidity of its surroundings. For best results we recommend using RO water to stop limescale building up and damaging the machine if you choose to use tap water we recommend cleaning more often. Power supply: 110V/50HZ or 220V/60HZHumidification capacity: 1-500cc/hour(0.4gallon/hour)Feed-water pressure: less than 5kg/ cm2  Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 470mm (320 x 320 x 500mm) package)Coverage: 15-30 sq.meters (160-320sq ft)

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