Women’s Top Gun Maverick Black V-Neck T-Shirt


Women’s Top Gun Maverick Black V-Neck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle.com.

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“It’s not the plane… It’s the pilot.” Whether you were enamoured by the original 1986 film, or from the hugely successful sequel released just last year, there’s little disputing that Tom Cruise’s iconic character, Maverick, in Top Gun, has inspired a bit of a budding fighter jet pilot in all of us. And if that’s you, we think you’ll be utterly obsessed with this epic V-Neck tee designed exclusively at the TruffleShuffle hangar, featuring the original movie logo print on the front left of the tee, and – who else? – Maverick’s name printed on the back. Paired with a pilot’s bomber jacket, you’ll feel ready like you’re ready for take off in this!

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