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Nokatech SimpleX 680 LED grow light from Doctor Blooms.

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The Nokatech SimpleX 680 LED Grow Light. This full-spectrum LED fixture with a maximum of 1848 µmol/s PPF and 2.7 µmol/j efficacy is a popular choice among growers. It’s equipped with the top-notch 600W electronic HPS ballast that supports a daisy-chain connection. Features Foldable design & easy installation Super lightweight – only 7.3 kg / 16 lbs Works with 600W electronic HPS ballasts Full-spectrum light output Max PPF 1836 μmol/s High efficacy – 2.7 μmol/j Supports daisy chain using RJ cables Remote control using PWM controllers SimpleX 680 is a 6-bar high-performing, high-efficiency LED grow light powered and controlled by the 600W Electronic HPS Ballast (included), which can be mounted on the fixture or positioned remotely. With balanced full-spectrum output and great levels of PPE – 2.7 µmol/j and PPF – 1836 μmol/s, this fixture is a popular choice among growers. CONNECTIVITY AND CONTROL The top-notch DIGITAL Pro 600 HPS ballast (included in the package) has 4 dimming levels using a knob (280W, 420W, 630W, and 680W). Furthermore, it supports a daisy-chain function with up to 80 fixtures on one chain using RJ cables (included in the package) and a PWM controller (sold separately). This LED fixture, controlled by 600W electronic HPS ballast, will provide more than 960 average PPFD of PAR light intensity across your plants at 30cm (12in) height from the canopy. SimpleX 680 horticulture LED fixture is for indoor use only (climate-controlled indoor farms and grow rooms). It features a perfect mix of both full­-spectrum white and red LEDs, specially designed for any scale horticulture cultivation – from vegetative growth and blooming stages. The combination of white and red LEDs results in a relatively high ratio of bluish light, which keeps the crop tight and compact in the vegetative stage and adds to the plant’s optimal morphogenesis and light uptake. LED Fixture package includes LED FIXTURE – 1 unit ROPE RATCHETS – 4 pieces BRACKETS (for ballast mount) – 2 pieces SCREWS – 8 pieces HPS Ballast package includes 600W HPS BALLAST 1 unit AC POWER CORD – 1 piece (2m / 6.5 ft) RJ CABLE – 1 piece Technical specifications MAX POWER – 600W (Super Lumen to 680W) INPUT VOLTAGE – 220 – 240V DIMMING – Knob or PWM controller MIN POWER FACTOR – ≥ 90% MAX AMBIENT TEMPERATURE – 35°C / 95°F MAX BALLAST TEMPERATURE – 70°C / 158°F SPECTRUM – Full spectrum MAX PPF – 1836 μmol/s EFFICACY – 2.7 μmol/j LEDs QUANTITY – 1980 LEDs AMTC (white) & Ledestar (red) General specifications DIMENSIONS (L.W.H) – 1105 x 1067 x 54 mm / 43.5 x 42 x 2.1 in NET WEIGHT (WITHOUT THE BALLAST) – 7.3 kg / 16 lbs NET WEIGHT (HPS BALLAST) – 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs WARRANTY – 3 years

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