Gavita Master Controller EL1 & EL2


Gavita Master Controller EL1 & EL2 from Doctor Blooms.

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Gavita Master Controller EL1 & EL2 Lighting control at your finger tips! The industry standard controller for e-series fixtures.  The Gavita Master Controller has been developed to give you complete automated control over all Gavita E-Series lighting systems.These little black boxes have the ability to control up to 40 lights with the EL1 and 80 lights across 2 separate rooms with the EL2. You can also say goodbye to setting up multiple timers and contactors to switch the lights on or off as the Master Controller will allow you to control all ballasts with just a few simple clicks.The Gavita Master Controller isn’t just a timer though, it will gradually turn lights on and off over a period of 30 minutes to closely mimic the sunrise and sunset of natural sunlight, this also stops any high in-rush of current when switching the lights on, which can also help prolong the life of your lighting system. On top of the double output ports on the EL2 you have connections to our ECM units, which allow you to switch auxiliary equipment during the lights-on and lights-off periods, even for flip/flop rooms!There is a wide range of Gavita accessories available, ranging from a booster to expand the number of fixtures with 200 fixtures each, to cables, splitters and long lead temperature sensors. 

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