Dimlux 600W EL UHF Expert Series (4 x Light Kit)


Dimlux 600W EL UHF Expert Series (4 x Light Kit) from Doctor Blooms.

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EXPERT SERIES 600W EL UHF The DimLux Expert Series 600W EL UHF electronic ballast is a full 600W 400V EL UHF fixture. The DimLux Expert is a series of complete fixtures including the Alpha Optics reflector. This reflector is designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. As a result the highest possible efficiency (98%) of all available horticulture reflectors is achieved.Provided with adjustable side reflectors for better overlap and to minimize wall losses. Due to the open design of the reflector the lamp is passively cooled which is a benefit for the life and efficiency of the lamp. There is a 50mm socket on the reflector which can be used to significantly reduce the room temperature by actively extracting the air. There are also optional add-on reflectors available which be placed to minimize the wall loss even more.This reflector is replaceable, the lamp will always maintain the ideal temperature in order to maximize efficiency and life span. It is possible to achieve 20% lumens boost, this is only possible if the lamp is actively cooled.The DimLux expert series 600w EL UHF electronic ballast is a full 600w 400v EL UHF fixture including Alpha optics reflector. MAXI CONTROLLER EVO 1.2 Using the DimLux with a Maxi Controller enables you to plug the DimLux directly into a wall socket without needing an intervening relay, time delay unit or time switch – which saves you costs. A DimLux controlled by a Maxi Controller is the only (digital) ballast that does not need to use an inrush current. Inrush currents of conventional (digital) ballasts vary between 50 and 160 Amp, while newer types of digital ballasts use soft-start technology that limits the inrush current to between 50 and 60 Amp -which is still an appreciable current, especially when multiplied by the number of (digital) ballasts incorporated in the circuit. DIMLUX FAN & AUX BOX MODULE Check and control the temperature and air humidity through the Fan & Aux Box.Through this module, it’s possible to connect a heater and a ventilator to warm up or cool down the air, and an air humidifier or dehumidifier to control the relative air humidity within your room.Through the Smart Logic software, the temperature is maintained within 0.1°C of the set value. DIMLUX CO2 SENSOR The Dimlux CO2 Sensor detects levels of carbon dioxide present in the surrounding atmosphere and feeds the information back to the Dimlux Maxi Controller.The Sensor also powers the (separately available) CO2 Regulator.This system ensures that optimal levels are distributed at all times, minimising wastage and maximising plant growth.The CO2 Sensor will even shut down CO2 distribution automatically during lights-off, thanks to it’s built-in light cell.CO2 supplementation is an absolute must in closed loop environments, where little-to-no fresh air is drawn in from outside.Users of the Opticlimate have been running their climate control systems in conjunction with the Maxi Controller’s CO2 distribution system to great effect.The results are, quite simply, staggering! THE DIMLUX OPTICLIMATE PLANT TEMPERATURE CAMERA The OptiClimate plant temperature camera can be connected to the system to keep an eye on the evaporation of the crops.A too high plant temperature is a sign that the plant is possibly evaporating, for example when there is not enough water or an overdose of light. In this situation, the DimLuxes are dimmed or turned off to bring the plant temperature back to an acceptable level.If this does not happen, the plant will continue to limit its evaporation with closed stomata, which causes the inflow of CO2 and photosynthesis to come to a halt. Any production by the plant is then out of the question. If this takes too long, combustion of the leaves will occur which causes irreversible damage to the plant’s motor (leaves).The plant temperature is more important to the plant than the room temperature! DIMLUX AIR HUMIDITY SENSOR With the DimLux air humidity sensor, the air humidity can accurately be read from the Dimlux Maxi Controller.If the RH sensor is connected, a humidifier can also be connected to the DimLux Maxi Controller.To read the VPD, a plant temperature camera is required besides the RH sensor.

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