Maxi Bright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Single Kit


Maxi Bright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Single Kit from Doctor Blooms.

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Maxi Bright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Single Kit The Daylight Digital 315w CDM ballast system uses an advanced digital ballast to power the Philips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite 315W EL and Philips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite Agro 315W EL lamps, for excellent PAR output from the lamp per watt of power consumed.Essentially at 315w this light can provide better quality results than a lot of 600w cheap and inferior kits.Daylight lamps are extremely efficient Philips ceramic Metal Halide lamps with a spectral output that is close to natural sunlight. As a result, plants form more lateral branches and internodal spacing from day one for strong, healthy growth and high-quality yields.Single Daylight 315w Reflector is designed specifically for, the 315W Philips lamp the arc tube is positioned to ensure the most efficient spread of light over a 1 x 1m area. Features: Soft start technology End of lamp life detection Dynamic frequency control Short circuit protection Thermal protection Auto reset Silent and lightweight Includes: Maxibright Daylight 315W Digital Ballast Maxibright Single Daylight Reflector Philips mastercolour daylight elite ceramic MH Lamp ( Blue Veg stage ) Or Philips mastercolour daylight Agro Ceramic Lamp ( Red Flowering Stage )

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