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Big Bud Big Bud is not just another PK booster. It is fast becoming known as the finest flowering booster containing a whole spectrum of yield-increasing and quality-boosting ingredients.Giving you yields like nothing else, Big Bud is very highly recommended.Designed by a team of top scientists dedicated to making products of excellence.Manufactured to the highest possible standards.Provides extra Phosphorous and Potassium (PK) for profuse flowering.Contains L-amino acids – the building blocks of proteins and flowers.Includes ascorbic and citric acids to assist respiration.Perfect for use with the range of Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters. Big Bud is more than a PK booster. Big Bud is quickly becoming a top-rated flowering booster, containing an entire range of quality-enhancing and yield-increasing ingredients. Big Bud will give you incredible yields. What Big Bud Does Big Bud flowering Booster is a unique one. Almost every flowering Booster contains P and K, which is used frequently during blooming. The product provides PK, but it also offers a lot more for flower quality and formation. For increased flowering and increased metabolism, amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. Magnesium prevents potassium toxicities and enhances flavour and texture. Ascorbic acid and Citric acids increase respiration and metabolism. Big Bud significantly increases flowering-sites, and flowers in the middle to late stages of flowering. We recommend that you change your booster to Overdrive towards the end of flowering to ensure your crops are finished, swelled, and ripened. The booster works with Sensi Bloom & Connoisseur without affecting their “pH perfect” technology. Big Bud: How To Use It Big Bud can be used as an additional hydroponic base nutrition (preferably Sensi Flower or Connoisseur), from the second week of flowering up to three weeks before harvest. Add fresh water to your reservoir and then add the base nutrient as well as any additional additives according to your feed chart. Mix everything together. Mix Big Bud into your feed water/nutrient solution in a 2 ml per Liter amount. The pH of Adavanced Nutrients products must be within the “pH Perfect”, so it is not necessary to adjust. You may have to adjust the pH if you’ve used products from other brands. To ensure that the pH level is maintained at the right levels, it’s a good idea to use a pH meter such as the Horticare pH Meter. To ensure that your nutrient solution is suitable for each type of plant and its stage of development, we recommend that you test the strength with a quality tester such as the Bluelab Truncheon. Your nutrient solution should be renewed every seven days. We recommend that you use Advanced Nutrients Overdrive 3 weeks before your harvest to boost your growth. It is specially designed to increase the number of flowers created. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (e.g. Straight from the container Each nutrient booster, additive, or other additive should be added to the reservoir or feed water one at a time, and given a stir to combine them all before you add the next. Advanced Nutrients recommend dosage rates only for plants with vigorous growth and who are at their peak health. A lower dose rate is required for slower growing plants or those who aren’t 100% healthy. Dosage: 2ml/Litre NPK: 0-1-3

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