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Advanced Nutrients CarboLoad  1L Advanced Nutrients CarboLoad is the first carbohydrate boosting formula developed specifically for plants. Just like humans, plants generate energy from carbohydrates in order to effectively use nutrients. The high intensity conditions of an indoor garden can be likened to a gymnasium. If you want your plants to really put on “muscle mass” then you need to give them the five different carbohydrate forms that Carboload provides in order for them to reach peak performance. Use Carboload in hydroponics or soil throughout growth and bloom for stronger cell walls, more sites and heavier, sweeter harvests. Carboload – How advanced nutrients work Advanced Nutrients Carboload, a well-prepared mixture of sugars & carbohydrates that can be used with all kinds of grow systems and any substrates is available. This special mixture of sugars is beneficial for microbes like those in VooDoo Juice and Piranha. It increases the growth of their colonies, which in turn results in more active and productive microbes. Your plants will reap the benefits of the increased resistance to diseases and increased nutrient intake by supercharging beneficial microbes within the root-zone. Carboload provides an energy boost for plants during times such as mid-flowering, when many plants feel “energy slump”. Carboload: How to Use Advanced Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Carboload can be used from the rooted cutting until the week before flush. Mix your feed or nutrient solution according to normal. Add Carboload at 2ml/Litre. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (i.e. Straight from the container Each nutrient booster, additive, or other additive should be added to the reservoir or feed water one at a time, and given a stir to combine them all before you add the next. Dosage of Advanced Nutrients Carboload root-feed: 2ml/Litre

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