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Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish from Doctor Blooms.

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Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish 1L Your crops will taste sweeter and have higher value when you flush them before harvest. Flawless Finish ensures that only the sweetest, fruitiest and most natural tastes and aromas remain in your herb crops by removing chemical residues left by nutrients. Use it in the last few days before harvesting. Flawless Finish will also give you greater control over the final appearance of dried flowers and leaves. What a Flawless Finish Does: Flawless finish contains an innovative blend of flushing agents, chelates and other chemists that helps plants get rid of toxic residues, salt buildups, and any waste products that have built up over time. The roots are purged with chelates after they grab onto unwanted compounds. Flawless Finish encourages plants’ to get rid of all their nutrients, so when it is time for harvest, they will be cleaner and more fragrant. Flawless Finish:How To Use. Flawless finish can be used with any kind of plant-system or medium. Flawless Finish should be applied approximately one week before harvest. Hydroponics systems can be used by draining the reservoir, and then refilling it with fresh, clean water. Mix 2ml/Litre of water into the container. To thoroughly wash roots and the root-zone, run the machine for six hours. Drain the system after 6 hours and then refill it with water. Nutrients and supplements should not be added to the system. You can only give your plants water up until harvest. To apply soil, thoroughly and completely soak the soil in a mixture of Flawless Finish and water at 2ml/Litre. The medium should be flushed with plenty of water after 6 hours. Keep feeding the medium water until harvest. Advanced Nutrients Flawless End root feed dosage is 2 ml/Litre

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