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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A & B from Doctor Blooms.

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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom is a 2 part flowering nutrient for use in hydroponics systems.High quality ingredients and technology based nutrient formula you can absolutely trust during the all important bloom phase.pH Perfect technology helps to keep pH more stable. The base nutrition for hydroponic systems is Advanced Nutrients Sensorsi Bloom. This is a complete food for plants, providing all of the essential nutrients necessary to bloom in the early stages of their development. This nutrient is unique in hydroponics because of scientific research. It contains an organic “wetting agent” to make nutrients easier spread and taken up by the roots. For better nutrition absorption and transportation around the plant, it also has humic as well as fulvic acid. Sensi Bloom also contains many amino acids, which are building blocks for proteins and can be used to enhance growth, production of hormones, or essential oil production. Sensi Bloom’s unique “pH perfect” properties make it a very attractive product for growers. It adjusts your nutrient solution’s pH automatically and keeps it at the right level. This 2-part nutrient is the most user-friendly and time-savings-oriented. Only Advanced Nutrients boosters or additives are allowed to be added to the water reservoir in order for “pH perfect technology” to function. The pH-perfect technology may not work if you add products from other companies. Sensi Bloom A&B – Advanced Nutrients How To Use: To achieve the desired strength, fill your reservoir with water. Add equal parts of Part A to the tank. Mix well. To measure the TDS, we recommend using either a beaker or syringe. As needed, adjust. Mix again. Next add boosters or additives. The pH of your tank will remain at the right level as long you only used Advanced Nutrients products. The pH perfect technology may not function if you use products made by another manufacturer. This will require pH adjustment. To set your pH level accurately, we suggest using a pH meter . It is recommended that you renew your nutrient solutions every seven days. Each part of Sensi Bloom 2 part nutrient is designed to be combined in equal quantities. You can’t use part A, part B or both in unequal amounts. This will cause a problem with the nutrient balance. You will most likely end up with plants that are deficient. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (i.e. Straight from the bottle Each nutrient booster, additive, or other ingredient should be added to the reservoir in its own turn. Give the mixture a stir before you add the next. Advanced Nutrients recommend dosage rates only for plants with vigorous growth and who are at their peak health. A lower dose rate is required for slower growing plants or those who aren’t 100% healthy.  

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