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Athena Bloom A+B Athena Bloom A+B, a 2-part formulation that is easy to use for flowering stages of fruit and flower-producing plant growth, contains just two parts. To achieve higher nutrient uptake across all pH levels, we combine top-of-the line macronutrients with chelated micronutrients. To stimulate bud growth, promote quality yields, and increase flowering site, this 2-part liquid mixture should be applied in equal quantities during flowering. The formulas do not contain any sediment and can be used with any irrigation system, including those using fine dripper heads. Sometimes, micro-particles may be visible under certain conditions. However they will not alter the mineral balance and system compatibility. Applicant Rates Athena Bloom A+B should be added to every gallon of water in the flowering phase. For specific recommendations, see Feed Schedules. The Best Practices Before Using, Shake Well. Make Sure To Use Clean Measuring Tools. To Maintain The Proper Mineral Balance, Always Use Equal Amounts Of Athena Bloom A & B. Regularly Monitor EC And Adjust Based On The Crop Stage And Growth Stage. After Mixing All Fertilizers, Adjust PH To The Desired Levels. Combine In An Undiluted Form. Keep It In The Original Container At 45°F To 85°F.

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