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Athena CaMg Athena CaMg can be used to complement either our two-part liquid formulas. Certain cultivars or growing conditions might require more Calcium, Magnesium and Iron during development and heavy growth. These common deficiencies can be corrected by this product without affecting the overall elemental balance. Athena CaMg can be particularly helpful in systems that use reverse osmosis water (RO) and in plants grown in inert mediums like coco or rockwool. Our 2-part formulas provide enough Calcium and Magnesium for most growers, but some growers may need to supplement in more demanding environments. Applicant Rates As needed, add 2.5mL to each gallon of water. For specific recommendations, see Feed Schedules. The Best Practices Before using, shake well. Make sure to use clean measuring tools. Some applications may require different dosages. Hydroponics use is recommended, particularly with inert media or when using reverse-osmosis water (RO). Regularly monitor EC and adjust based on the crop stage and growth stage. After mixing all fertilizers, adjust pH levels to the desired level. Keep it in the original container at 45°F to 85°F.

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