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Athena Pro Core from Doctor Blooms.

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Athena Pro Core Athena Pro Core offers strong nutrition at all levels of plant development. To assemble and maintain chlorophyll, nitrogen is required. To build structure. The essential microelements that catalyze photosynthesis and enzyme production, as well as a variety of other important plant processes. Available Nitrogen and Calcium as well as essential micro-elements No particulates, sediment or toxicity. Compatible with all dosing systems: Netaflex and Dosatron Mixes at room temperature Very low heavy metal content Mixing stock tanks is easy and it works with any dosing system. The large-grind mixture is 100 percent soluble, so it will not clog irrigation pipes or create sediment in reservoirs. Instructions for Mixing Use in conjunction with Athena Pro Grow and Pro Bloom. Weight is more important than volume. Combine in either dry or concentrated forms. Stock Tank: Add 2.5 lbs to 1 gallon of water and stir well. Use the appropriate rate of solution to achieve desired strength. Mix 60% Pro Grow/Bloom into Reservoir. For target EC mix rate rates, see the dosing diagram. Ingredients Iron EDTA and Manganese EDTA are all available.

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