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Athena Pro Line Grow from Doctor Blooms.

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Athena Pro Line Grow Athena Pro Line Grow is here to help modern farmers, regardless of their size. Athena’s core purpose is to create products that increase quality, lower costs, and promote consistency. Also available : Athena Pro Line Core Athena Pro Line – Bloom How Athena Pro Line – Grow Nutrient Works To establish healthy roots and beautiful foliage, the vegetative stage requires a well-rounded diet. Athena Pro Grow, a balanced fertilizer mix for commercial growers to simplify irrigation. For a balanced and complete recipe, combine Athena Pro Line Core with Athena Pro Grow. Use Athena Pro Core in conjunction with Grow. Do not measure by volume, but weight. Combine in either dry or concentrated forms. Use 0.6g of Pro Core for every 1 gram Pro Grow. Refer to the dosing chart to determine target EC mix rate. For best Athena results, you should feed your soil lighter than usual.

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