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Athena Stack Athena Stack is a natural plant nutrient made of kelp extract. Stack promotes healthy growth and flowering. It provides the tools for plants to realize their full potential genetically. Stack can be used to correct potassium deficiencies in the root drench or foliar. Instructions: One application per week, may be used to spray the roots or as a foliar spray. It is safe for irrigation systems. The organic components in the stack may cause separation during storage. Before using, shake well. Application timing: Apply Athena Stack to the last week of vegetative growth through week 4-5 for flowering or when plants have stopped growing vertically. Root Drench In a weekly mixture, mix 1-2ml of water per gallon. Mix with regular fertilizer recipe. Last to the reservoir Foliar Spray: Spray 7ml of water per gallon and thoroughly spray once weekly. Turn off the lights and let dry for at least 24 hours before you turn on. Spray no more than week three flowers. Transplant Use: Combine 2ml of water per gallon and let the bare root soak for between 30-60 seconds before transplanting. After transplanting, you can add water in solution. The stack may help reduce transplant stress and increase plant vitality. The Seed Treatment Make sure to soak the seed in 4ml of water per gallon for at least 1-2 minutes before you plant it. Stacking may improve germination and increase plant vigor.

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