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Bio Green Calgel from Doctor Blooms.

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Bio Green Calgel Calgel is a high-quality plant fertilizer containing all macro and micro nutrients required for growth and bloom in any medium. Improves the absorption of nutrients at the root. Assures a tangible strengthening and toughening of the top. Assures a measurable increase in the mass of the end product. Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis. Consists only of the purest raw materials. No best-before date. General Information This Product Is An Excellent Additive. This Formula Corrects Deficiencies In Magnesium And Calcium. This Product Contains Higher Levels Of Ca Which Stimulates Root Growth And Strengthens Cells Walls. This Product Is Designed To Be Used With Base Nutrients This Formula Can Be Used With Soil And Cocoa.  Benefits It Is Extremely Concentrated. There Is No Expiration Date For The Product. You Can Use It With Base Nutrients Like Bloom2 Or Grow 1. It Is Made To The Highest Biogreen Quality Standards. Science This additive will strengthen your plants right from their early vegetative stage up until the final flush. This formula removes Mg and Ca deficiency. The product boosts the Ca level, which strengthens the cell walls of your plants and encourages root growth. High Mg levels support protein and chlorophyll synthesis. How to? This product can be used with coco and soil. Use 0.25ml formula for 1L soil during the vegetative phase and the first week of blooming. Use 0.3ml formula for every 1L of water during weeks 2/3 of the blooming stage. Use 0.35ml formula for every 1L of water during weeks 4 through 5. Calgel should be used at 0.4ml per 1L during week 6. For weeks 7, 8, and 9, you can use 0.3ml formula for 1L. Sprays can be made from the product. Use between 10ml to 30ml formula for every 1L water. Shake the bottle before using. The product should be kept in a dark, dry place. It should be kept out of reach of children.

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