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Bio Green Grow from Doctor Blooms.

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Bio Green Bio 1 Grow  Bio 1 Grow is a nutrient solution containing all the macro and micro elements that a plant needs in the growth period, up until the 3 – 4 week in the bloom cycle.  Bio 1 Grow is highly concentrated and has a ratio of 1 – 4 compared to most nutrient brands.  Its compatible in almost all medias.  Bio 1 Grow is mixed with the highest grade mineral salts and will leave no salty residue. It is also compatible in all water supplies.  Visibly improves the condition of the plant’s roots. Sufficient potassium for the start of the bloom and robustness of the plant. Sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth. Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis. Consists only of the purest raw materials. BioGreen Bio 1 Grow is completely biological. BIO-GREEN – HOW TO USE IT – 1 GROW Gradually increase the doses from the second day of growth until the third or fourth week of bloom depending on how large the plant is. This mixture can be given 1 to 3 times per week if the soil contains nutrients. If the soil is poor in nutrients, or if hydroponics growth techniques are used, water daily. As much water as you need every day. Don’t overdose. Keep it in a cool, dry place. If you have ever come in contact with your eyes, rinse them immediately with warm water. Keep away from children.

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