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X-Blast X Blast stimulates to a great extent the final flowering of the plant. X Blast has a positive effect on the sugar content in and the resistance of the plant and gives a strong incentive to the energy management in the plant. Boron and iron are involved in the transport of energy in the plant and the formation of sugars. Copper is essential for root metabolism and stimulates the production of plant mass. Contains enough potassium to give the flowering an additional boost. It contains humates specially selected to give strength and resistance of the plant in its deficiencies. Contains natural algae minerals that significantly increase resistance to stress. Increases the sugar content of the plant. Free of sodium salts. It consists only of pure raw materials. What X-Blast does X-Blast provides large amounts of phosphorus, potassium and other macronutrients to support the development and growth of fruits and flowers. X-Blast increases sugar levels in the plants, providing a wide range of benefits. The X-Blast product line includes a variety of micronutrients and additives that are critical to plant growth. Boron It promotes cell division, aids in the transportation of sugars throughout the plant and is involved with nitrogen metabolism and hormone regulation. Iron For the production of chlorophyll, iron is required. Photosynthesis will be severely affected if there is not enough iron. The main engine of growth is photosynthesis. It uses light energy from your lamps to convert CO2 in the atmosphere into carbon dioxide and oxygen. This carbon is then used to make essential sugars that cause fruit to expand in size. Copper An essential component in several enzymatic processes. Photosynthesis, respiration, and metabolism of carbohydrates are all dependent on it. Humate Growers have treasured Humates throughout history. Their growth-enhancing qualities are well-known. Humates can increase water retention and improve nutrient availability. Your plants will use BioGreen’s other ingredients more efficiently. NPK: 1-7-11 + Fe (iron) How to use X-Blast In week 5, add X-Blast into your daily feeding plan. Add it at a rate 1ml per litre to all your nutrients. Then, you can continue adding it to your plants until the last flush. This is at a rate between week 7 and 9. BioGreen can be very concentrated so please take care when you are feeding it. If there is any concern, reduce your dose.

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