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BioGreen X-Rooting X-Rooting is a high-quality supplement containing all amino acids and vitamins necessary for the growth of roots in any medium. Stimulates the explosive formation of roots. Stimulates the production of root-hairs. Increases resistance to diseases. Increases resistance to stress. Restores stressed cuttings. Stimulates the production of root hormones. Free of heavy metals. BioGreen X-Rooting consists of the right mix of synthetic and organic amino acids and vitamins. Overview The X-Rooting method is great for fast absorption by plants. This nutrient maintains plant metabolism balance and enhances mineral nutrition absorption by increasing the flow of plant juices. XRooting is absorbed quickly by plant cells (through the biochemical process of XRooting, the oligopeptides), and without the need for energy. The X-Rooting process activates the ripening processes and increases yield and size. The X-Rooting treatment is particularly suitable for plants which have suffered from adverse conditions like transport, replanting and insect treatments. Usage: Apply daily to the plant for at least three weeks starting on day one of its growth. As needed, water daily. Take care not to overdo it. Keep it in a cool, dry place. If the product gets in contact with your eyes, wash it with water. Keep away from children. Conversions: One Teaspoon = 5mL, 1 Tablespoon = 15, mL, 1 Ounce = 30, mL and 1 Cup = 244 mL

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