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Biobizz Fish-Mix Biobizz Fish-Mix has always been a trusted friend to the organic gardener because it conditions the soil whilst stimulating microbial activity and accelerating growth. Diluted strongly and used as a foliar spray, it produces spectacular results. Preferably use on substrates during the growing period of the plant. A great product for outdoor growing of vegetables and herbs. Tip:  Use Biobizz Fish-Mix for explosive vegetative growth.Mix 25% Biobizz Bio-Grow to 75% Biobizz Fish-Mix as an alternative to 100% Biobizz Bio-Grow in the growth phase for fantastic vegetative growth. How BioBizz Fish-Mix Works BioBizz Fish Mix is an amalgamation of BioBizz BioGrow, and additional organic nutrients and ingredients that are derived from aqua life. BioBizz fish-Mix does not contain any chemicals and only uses natural feeds. BioBizz fish-Mix enriches the soil by feeding beneficial organisms, which then feed the plants. The soil is treated with Fish-Mix, which stimulates microbial activity and accelerates growth. This results in a plant that is healthy, vigorous and natural. Fish-Mix is not recommended for use during the fruiting or flowering periods, unlike Bio-Grow. You can use Fish-Mix. transform weak, depleted soil into a rich, fertile medium. Also works well with cocoa How to use BioBizz Fish Mix When used as directed, and when combined with BioBizz nutrients or additives Fish-Mix can impress with its ability to produce healthy plants and excellent growth. Fish-Mix is a great foliar food, but you could also use it as an ingredient in a fish-mix mix. Instead of using Fish-Mix alone, combine Fish-Mix with Alg-a-Mic at 1ml per litre. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (i.e. Straight from the container Each nutrient booster, additive, or other additive should be added to the reservoir or feed water one at a time, and given a stir to combine them all before you add the next. BioBizz Fish Mix recommends a root feed dose of 2-5ml/Litre BioBizz Fish Mix recommended Foliar-feed Dosage – 1-2ml/Litre BioBizz Fish-Mix – NPK 5-1-4

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