BioTabs Mycotrex 100 gram , 500 gram


BioTabs Mycotrex 100 gram , 500 gram from Doctor Blooms.

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Mycotrex MYCOTREX is helpful for all types of plants flowers, vegetables, herbs and even for planting trees and shrubs.Mycorrhiza are beneficial soil fungi that enter into symbiosis with the plants. They increase the effective reach of the roots, but are actually functioning like roots. This leads to a 700% increase in the uptake capacity of the roots. Imagine what this means for your plant’s health and growth. Roots that are 700% bigger than usual will have a significant impact on their ability to absorb nutrients. Your plants will absorb water and nutrients more quickly. MYCOTREX has the highest concentration of Mycorrhzial products on the market. Place 5 level teaspoons (5g) of teaspoons in your planting hole. Please refer to the BioTabs Organic Growing manual for detailed information and tips on how you can get maximum benefit from BioTabs products.

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