BioTabs Orgatrex 1 Litre, 5 Litre


BioTabs Orgatrex 1 Litre, 5 Litre from Doctor Blooms.

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ORGATREX Biological Plant Drink 5-1-5 For both the growing and flowering cycle.May be used as a liquid fertiliser for vegetables; flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs.Use 2ml per litre of water, with each watering, during the growing and flowering phases.For potted and in-ground plants. It can be used in the BioTabs organic flowering & growing strategy. ORGATREX contains ingredients that have been approved by the Control Union. Two days can be kept a water solution or Orgatrex. Before using, let cool and stir well. Orgatrex has been approved for organic fertilizer use in all crops. The fertiliser does not contain any animal products or parts. INGREDIENTS This product includes alfalfa flour, mixed molasses and vinasse. It also contains silicon oxide. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS NPK (5-1-5), + balance quantities of Co, Mo and Sn, as well as Zn, Cu. Mn., Co., Mo., S. Na., Fe.

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