Buddhas Tree Flower Burst


Buddhas Tree Flower Burst from Doctor Blooms.

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Flower Burst Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been formulated to give plants the nutrients they need for a smooth transition between the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage. Used alongside your base nutrient, Flower Burst encourages the development of flower clusters and stronger roots, which paves the way for improved yields later on. Eases plants between veg and flower stages. No PGRs and no raw phosphate. Contains added boron for increased calcium uptake and a better plant structure. Highly available phosphorus for rapid root development. Concentrated formula – use at only 0.25ml per litre. Contains boron for improved calcium uptake. What Flower Burst Does: Flower Burst was specifically designed to help you transition from the vegetative (vegetative), and the flower stage (bloom) phases. This is an area often overlooked. However, commercial growers who have been successful will point out that what you do during this time can lead to greater success later. You will see the plants adapting to bloom phase faster and more flower clusters develop. You will see bigger, better fruits and a shorter time to harvest. Flower Burst uses the 0-10-8 formulation (10 parts phosphorous and 8 parts potassium per 100 parts undiluted feed). This formula works in conjunction with your base nutrient. The plant gets the additional phosphorus that it requires to grow healthy roots after switching to the 12/12 cycle. Studies show that plants with higher calcium levels in the veg or early flowers have a stronger overall structure. The boron in flower burst helps with calcium uptake. This means that calcium supplements will become exponentially more efficient.

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