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Buddhas Tree – Solar Green Power Solar Green Power uses silicic acid, the most available form of silica/silicon, to help build huge fat stems and strong branches capable of supporting the heaviest fruits and flowers. Silicic acid also improves a plant’s immune system, increasing its resistance to pests and diseases as well as improving nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2. The most available form of silica. Creates a protective cellulose layer around plant material. Raises concentrations of chlorophyll, enhancing photosynthesis. Develops fatter stems and stronger branches. Boosts your plants’ immune system. Dramatically improves plant cell integrity. Increases nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2. Reduces water-loss through leaves. Great for use in any medium and any grow-system. Can be used right the way through the cycle from veg to flower. How The Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power Works Solar Green Power is the best form of silica, a naturally occurring substance that can be found abundantly in the earth and soil. Silicic acid has a far superior quality to potassium silicate which is the main ingredient in most silicon/silicate additives. Plants use silica to build up their cell walls. This in turn strengthens their overall structure. The result is a stronger stem and branch that can support more weight. This improves the overall structure of your plant and protects them against diseases and pests. When silicic acid is applied to each cell, it makes it difficult for bugs to get into the plant material. Even silica can be used to produce chlorophyll. Photosynthesis is aided by chlorophyll, a green pigment. Plants will not be able to make the sugars they require from the CO2 present in their environment and the light energy generated by your lamp without adequate amounts of chlorophyll. A healthy supply of silica will ensure plants make the most of the CO2 available to them (which can be added to the area or taken in via the ventilation system). This in turn will ensure electricity isn’t wasted. Solar Green Power supplementation will help plants to lose less water from their leaves and be more resistant to environmental change and drought. Solar Green Power can help maximize the potential genetics of your plants, and increase efficiency and effectiveness in your setup. How to Use Buddhas Tree- Solar Green Power Solar Green Power is available for all types of plants, in every medium. You can use silica/silicon throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant, from vegetable to flower. It should be stopped at least one week prior to harvest. As usual, mix your base nutrients and give 0.5ml of each liter.

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