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Canna Calmag Agent from Doctor Blooms.

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Canna Calmag Agent Canna Calmag Agent has been developed to to increase the EC of soft water. If you live in a soft water area, or use RO water then this product is great for “hardening” your water to aid the growth of robust, healthy plants. What Canna Calmag Agent Does Canna nutrition and all other products can be used with normal water. Normal water has a Calcium+Magnesium background EEC between 0.4 to 0.7. Calcium, magnesium (and bicarbonate), stabilise the pH of water and provide calcium and magnesium for your plants. These vital secondary nutrients are not present in soft water or reverse osmosis (with an EC below 0.4). Magnesium and calcium play a significant role in all phases of plant development, including the health of their metabolisms. Soft water or reverse osmosis water (RO) should be balanced to restore the normal calcium and magnesium levels. This will increase the risk of developing deficiencies that can have an adverse effect on your plant’s health as well as final crop size and quality. Canna suggests using a Reverse Osmosis Unit to purify water with an EC higher than 0.8. The Canna Calmag can be used to increase the EC to 0.4 Canna Calmag agent: How do you use it? Canna Calmag agent can be used for raising the background EC in soft or RO water to as high as 0.4 An Essentials Digital ECmeter can be used to test the water’s EC. or Bluelab Truncheon. The product has a very concentrated formulation and should only be used in a 1ml/litre water. Canna Calmag agent helps to balance your nutrient solutions. It creates the ideal environment for stong plants development and high nutrient absorption, enhancing fruit production and flowers.

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