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Dutch Pro pH- Bloom Dutch Pro’s pH- Bloom is commonly used for For reducing the pH value / level during the bloom stage, by adding small amounts of pH- Bloom till the desired level is reached. Corrosive. contains 30% phosphorus acid. Causes burns. Do not inhale fumes. Do not take internally. Available: 1L and 5L Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes out with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Wear protective clothing. Dutch Pro pH Down Bloom (Phosphoric Acid).Dutch Pro pH Down (Phosphoric Acid), is recommended for the fruiting and flowering stages.It is recommended to use Dutch Pro pH Down Grow (Nitric Acid) for the growth stage.It is important to adjust and monitor the pH level of your nutrients regularly in order to grow plants, especially hydroponics. Hydroponics plants prefer a pH between 5.5 to 6.5, depending on the species.There is some variation in this range. Because plants cannot absorb some nutrients in a pH of 5.5, while others can be absorbed at pH 6.5.Your plants can’t absorb enough nutrients if your nutrient solution is too low for too long.This will cause slow growth, and ultimately, sickness. It is important to regularly check the pH level of your nutrition solution and avoid any potential problems for plants.Take a tiny amount of the nutrient solution, and use a liquid pH tester kit or digital tester to measure its pH.You can adjust the pH by taking about half of the nutrient mixture and putting it in a glass jug.Then, use a pipette to add Dutch Pro pH Down. Combine everything well. Mix well.

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