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Dutch Pro Take Root Root stimulator Take Root is a growth stimulant. Take Root improves the inner and outer qualities of the plants. Take Root is particularly suited to recover affected plants during the growing phase. The active components of Take Root are of natural origin, in particular the several plant hormones and, to a lesser degree, the micro-nutrients. Take Root stimulates cellular division, call elongation and nutrient transport. Take Root also slows down the ageing process and stimulates root development. Suited for every irrigation system. Culture on soil, hydro and coco. To Be Used On Cuttings And Young Plants. Boosting cellular division is of major importance, especially in the beginning of your young plant’s life. Because of cellular division, plants grow and become less vulnerable against bacteria and fungi related diseases. The better this process goes, the stronger and healthier your plants will be all along the cyclus.Cell elongation on the other hand is the next step to make sure your plants will be strong and healthy to get a great end result. Transportation of nutrients is vital for a plant to grow strong and produce great yields at the end of the cyclus. With cell elongation, a protein called ‘Auxin’ loosens the cell wall, so the cell can elongate and absorb more nutrients. Take Root stimulates this process, so a cell can absorb at maximum capacity.The more nutrients a cell can absorb the faster your plants will grow and the healthier they will be! Dutch Pro – How to Root Dutch Pro Take root can be used on plants that have been grown in any kind of grow-system or in any other grow medium. Start using Dutch Pro Take Root as soon as your plant is potted. Continue to use it right through vegetative growth and until the last week of fruiting/flowering. Before using, shake the container well. As usual, mix your nutrient solution/feedwater. Mix Dutch Pro Take Root 1ml per litre with water. For accurate measurements of the product, we recommend using a beaker or syringe. To check for TDS, a Bluelab Truncheon CF/EC/PPM Meter is recommended. As needed, adjust the pH. You can adjust the pH to reach the desired level by changing the pH. Dutch Pro recommends a pH range between 5.8 to 6.5 for hydro, and 5.8 to 6.5 for soil. To accurately adjust the pH level to your desired levels, we recommend using a pH meter like the Horticare pH Meter. It is best to allow soil to dry between waterings. To flush out any toxins that may naturally accumulate in the soil, try to water it with 10-20% of its original volume. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (i.e. Straight from the bottle Each nutrient booster, additive, or other ingredient should be added to the reservoir in its own turn. Give the mixture a stir before you add the next. Dutch Pro – Take Root: The recommended dose is 1ml/Litre for all stages of the vegetative phase and during the first two weeks of fruiting/flowering. Available: 250ML, 1L  5L, 10L and 20L  Dosage: 100 ml on 100L

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